Iklan 2012 Petronas Deepavali dikutuk ?

Iklan ini dah ditarik balik, klik sini untuk Iklan Deepavali Petronas yang diganti baru

The Dappankuthu is an energetic dance prominent in Tamil cinema. Raj decides to share it with those in need of a little cheering up. Despite being met with strange looks, he perseveres. And eventually, his catchy dance moves begin to prove too irresistible for even the most unsavoury characters he meets along the way.Deepavali is a celebration of the inner light within us -- the positive energy that brings happiness to the world. So this year, PETRONAS reassures us that no gesture is too small to bring a little happiness to the lives of others.

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IMHO, using the active dance to represent the inner light, happiness and unity is not a correct symbolism, and thus is a bad choice and ill-received. With the acceptance of gangnam dance by many, and that excluding me, I think Petronas might have been influenced to believe that majority would appreciate any kind of dance and music, and thus has tried to be a copycat. I still think Petronas has made a big blunder as this dapan dance doesn't represent Malaysian Indians. Stop airing this video.
This is stupid! What u trying to do gangnam style with indian style dappankuthu is it! Gawd wht happened to Muthusamy ads from Yasmin!

tak best langsung....ni semua pengaruh parody gangnam ker....tak ada trade mark pertonas pun

Please do not show this on TV and remove it from the You Tube too. It's inappropriate and does not reflect the true meaning of Deepavali. Petronas, you have a good reputation for dishing out caring adverts for Deepavali, Don't loose what you earned so hard over the years!

Dappan Kuthu sh!t lar. Petronas, what happened to you guys? This video is not representative of what Deepavali is. It didn't give any message. This ad is the worst ad from Petronas. Please remove this video. Disappointed :(

I sort of agree with the Chinese dude below.. (yes I am Indian)..and damn it pissed me off being stereotyped...but to be honest..swith on Vaanavil and you'd be forgiven for mistaking this for an actual film. When are we going to change the culture of Indian cinema?... and I don't mean..shooting it in NYC with some horrible grammar for a script. Serves us right for keeping on dishing out rubbish repetitive films... on a final note though.. I do have some great ideas of a Hari Raya ad! :)

This video is not representative of what Diwali is.Secondly, I believe this is not the only language or ethnicity that is inherent in the Malaysian society.This portrays stereotyping, profiling, class segregation,prejudice and just a misrepresentation of what individuals of Indian heritage are of.Not all Indians celebrate Diwali either and this is not the only ethnicity that embraces the festival either.The message behind this advertisement is condescending.This is politically and morally wrong.
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